An ally of President Mnangagwa and Gokwe MP Justice Mayor Wadyajena,  is saying Kuda Tagwirei whom he had earlier on accused of fleeing the Zimbabwe to UK was told to come back home to face the consequences of his actions.

While attacking Norton MP in the same message Justice Mayor Wadyajena tweeted:

Hon ‘Outside Noisy Empty Inside’@TembaMliswa lying for Kuda in return for money again? FACTS: 1. He fled with his 3 kids in the middle of school term on 1 way tickets to UK. 2. Frantically tried to make contact & was told to come back home & face RBZ’s FIU. It’s cold out there!

Last week, Wadyajena said Mnangagwa Kuda Tagwirei who is close friend to President Mnangagwa had fled the country with his wife and children after he was caught in the exchange rates storm allegedly ignited by money changers buying the US dollar on behalf of his company Sakunda Holdings. Kuda Tagwirei’s partner and Wedza MP Tinoda Machaire rubbished Wadyajena’s claimed and said the man known as Queen B was on his way back home from Kenya.

Tagwirei appears to be swimming against the flow after the government closed his business accounts over currency manipulation.

In a scripted message directed at Tagwirei, Minister Nick Mangwana said Forex traders are as bad as those calling for sanctions.

Said Mangwana:

Those manipulating our currency for selfish gain are undermining the economy and making life difficult for all of us. They are committing a crime against humanity. They are not different from those advocating for sanctions against this country for narrow political gain