The Ministry of Finance and Economic Development permanent Secretary George Guvamatanga has come under fire for attacking OK Zimbabwe, a leading supermarket over informal traders.

This is after OK Zimbabwe said the formal shops tuck shops are threatening to knock supermarkets out of business due to unfair competition they present.

In response, Guvamatanga blasted OK Zimbabwe management saying he would fire them for not being innovative enough to win the fight.

Cde Never Maswerasei says: “You don’t find practical solutions by humiliating those that present honest and non-compromised assessments of the economy.

Cde Maswerasei says the government should have invited the captains of industry to the table for solution instead, rather than attacking them.

“You invite them to the table and give them the flow to proffer solutions. That is pragmatic leadership. Guvamatanga stop being a frustrated idiot,” he says.

He adds: “Guvamatanga must know that the failed economy will not be corrected with threats to captains of industry but actually get things worse.

“Nomatter how much you rebuke a Titanic mission on why & how they have failed to bring the ship wreckage to the surface, it will never come.

“The radical failure to manage the economy leads to this kind of imprudent line of reasoning. Private sector tells you “it’s black” and you want to tell them “no its white.” That is guided economics which is equivalent to price controls. This barbaric attitude is a tell tale sign.”

Former Citizens Coalition for Change spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere weighed in:

“Guvamatanga is being obtuse & his comparison with SA is inapposite. SA doesn’t have a dishonest Treasury that’s created command exchange rates that are enforced arbitrarily.

“Free the market then let businesses compete fairly. If anyone should be fired, it’s Guvamatanga.”