HARARE: A Zimbabwe Government Minister has apologised to Zanu PF and its supporters after her nu_de pictures leaked on social media.

Minister of State for Mashonaland East Provincial Affairs Apollonia Munzverengwi, however, claimed that perhaps the picture was leaked after her phone was hacked and insisted that the picture should not have left her phone’s gallery.

The photo was first shared in a Zanu-PF group before being circulated in other Whatsapp groups.

Speaking to new reporters Munzverengwi said:

Vanhu ngavandinzwire tsitsi handizivi kuti chii chakaitika kuti phone yakahakwa here … pawandiudza nyaya iyi hana yangu yarova ndabva ndatokanganisika.

(I don’t know what happened maybe my phone was hacked, the moment you enquired about this, I got disturbed)

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