Image credit: Team Pachedu

Pressure group Team Pachedu says it has umasked a ZANU PF member Enock Chitoro who faked to be a Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) candidate to cause confusion during nomination papers filing process.

Team Pachedu says Chitoro tried to wipe out his digital footprint so as to hid his links to ZANU PF:

“Meet Nyashadzashe Enock Chitoro, the fraudulent CCC double candidate for Chitungwiza North.

“He is a ZANU-PF member.

“He tried hiding his ties to ZANU-PF by wiping his social media posts, including deleting his pro-ZANU-PF Twitter account @NyashaEChitoro on 21 June.

Lawyer, Obey Shava questions how could ZEC accept ghost candidates when it has CCC data to verify with:

“ZEC had specimen signatures for those authorized to sign on behalf of CCC. ZEC had CCC’s official logo….nonetheless, it accepted fraudulent forms filed by candidates from rival parties, purporting to represent CCC. Didn’t careless that the signatures & logo were fake.”

Chitungwiza North CCC candidate is Nyasha E Chitoro a Zanu PF activist

Meanwhile, renowned political commentator Dr Pedzisai Ruhanya thanked Team Pachedu for exposing ghosty elements saying social media has a role to play in exposing fraudulent characters.

“Thank you @PacheduZW for exposing Nyashadzashe Enock Chitoro, the fraudulent CCC double candidate for Chitungwiza North who is a ZANU-PF member that @ZECzim through FAZ registered as CCC candidate. Exposing this hybrid menu of manipulation is great. Well done @PacheduZW.

“Musanyeperane. Social media plays a huge role in electoral and democratic processes. In the absence of DIGITAL MEDIA, DIGITAL FOOTPRINTS, how would such shenanigans by
@ZECzim, FAZ and ZANU PF have been exposed. All so called CCC double candidates shall be exposed BIGLY.”