Photo: Cite

Villagers and expecting mothers seeking medical attention were left in quandary on Thursday after authorities were forced to close Makwandara clinic in Hwange district after most staff members tested positive to Covid-19.

According to authorities, five members of staff tested positive to Covid 19 prompting the suspension of operations in an effort to contain further infections.

Hwange District Medical Officer, Dr Fungai Musinami told CITE that the development has necessitated the suspension of services since the bulk of staff had tested positive to Covid-19.

“Yes, I can confirm that we have 5 members mostly clinical staff that tested positive to Covid-19.

“Let me reiterate that It’s not the only clinic in the district whose staff have tested positive but at Makwandara the number was significant hence it affected the running of the station in terms of duties.

“The staff are currently self-isolating at home while two members of staff were left to redirect patients to other facilities,” Dr Musinami told CITE.