The government of the United States of America has urged the Government of Zimbabwe to ensure that exercising the constitutional right to vote in the country is not dangerous.

This comes at the time Zimbabwe is remembering six civilians who were killed by the soldiers in Harare on 1 August 2018.

People were protesting against the delay by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission to release the results of the Presidential election and the soldiers opened fire killing 6 and injuring dosens others.

Meanwhile, the US through its Embassy in Harare said Zimbabweans deserve peaceful, credible, and transparent elections.

“The Government of Zimbabwe and parties must commit to preventing violence before, during, and after 2023 elections.

“Three years ago, Zimbabwean soldiers killed 6 civilians and injured 35 for exercising their civil rights on the streets of Harare,” said the Embassy.

The US Embassy added that the Government of Zimbabwe has neither prosecuted nor implemented Kgalema Motlanthe recommendations to identify & sanction those responsible for the killing of unarmed civilians.