THERE was big drama on Saturday when a local businessman was humiliated in public for failing to pay fees for his child.

The fracas, between Justice Gabah and his lover, only identified as Lilly, took place opposite Gail Court along Samora Machel Avenue.

According to hmetro, the two fought before the public intervened and restrained them.

Lilly told H-Metro Gabah had been refusing to secure a school place for their four-year-old child.

“Gabah wants to buy another vehicle when our child does not have a place for ECD,” said Lilly. School opening dates have been announced and he has been making fake promises about taking the child to school.

“I will make sure he does not buy that vehicle before securing a place and paying fees for the daughter.

“Izvozvo ndizvo zvandamurovera.”

Gabah ended up hiding at a nearby bar.

Lilly rushed to her Gail Court apartment where she brought spare keys for Gabah’s vehicle and got away with goods that were in the car trunk.

Gabah refused to entertain H-Metro for his side of the story.