Former National healing minister, Sekai Holland has survived the police and army skimishes which happened Tuesday evening in the capital.

Holland, who was in the central business district when the police and members of the Zimbabwe National Army engaged in fierce attacks said she was shocked by the violence.

 Below is Holland’s account of how she survived,which she posted on her facebook account…….

Earlier on this evening four of us were in the city packed in Julius Nyerere when crowds of people came running past us strangely with one making a sound. Just a stampede.

Our colleague driving us came rushing to where I was already sitting in my car awaiting others’ return when he shouted – lie down in the car – soldiers beating people up.

I could not restrain my curiosity and sat up to look at where crowds were rushing from. Suddenly I saw smart uniformed soldiers running after crowds.

Our two other passengers finally returned with a version of what they had seen and heard. They were in Robert Mugabe street when they saw crowds rushing towards them.

Both rushed into an open shop which the owner closed as uniformed soldiers rushed past chasing people. They saw one soldier rush past holding a ndzimbe (sugar cane) sized rod beating up a uniformed police officer who was running away@ full speed.

There was talk of one woman by the corner where they had to cross to get back to the car who was said to be bleeding after being bashed up.

We drove home shocked.

There are many stories now circulating about what we witnessed. Now safety back home we are still to learn what was going on.