Eric Knight’s Daughter Moira had a long interview with a local paper where she expressed her disappointment over her father’s alleged adulterous behaviour.

“It’s embarrassing what he did and this has been happening for a long time. It’s not the first time he has done this but I have just been quiet about it for so many years over the things he has done to mom.
It pains me a lot to hear my mom call me crying over my dad’s behaviour and to some extent this pressured me to react the way I did, I had to vent it out.
My mother is in pieces right now and I am planning to visit the UK to be with her and spend some time with her. We spoke at length and deeply and all I can say is, she is fed up with dad’s issues though she hasn’t made her final decision yet.

Moira’s  relationship with her father turned sour sometime ago over similar circumstances..

” Ndaneta nekunyadziswa, its been going for so long now, now people just refer me as the daughter wemudhara weman_udes.
How am I supposed to feel? I don’t talk to my dad, I last spoke to him months ago when I left the UK and its all because of issues mainly to do with his girlfriends.
I speak to him on social media, when I tweet or post like I did that’s how I communicate with him.
He can’t call me because he knows the stuff that he has done.” she added.

She also added that his father’s behaviour had worsened over the years and does not take advice from other family members over his habits.

”He can’t call me because he knows the stuff he has done. He has just gotten worse over the years, my mom tried to call the pastors and urge him to go for counselling but he wouldn’t take anything of it. Gogo was the only one that could talk to him vachiterera but after she passed away he listens to no-one.

Moira says her father is no longer a teenager, he must needs to change:

He really needs to change, he can’t keep on acting like a teenager. He needs to find God and act right. I have a little sister too and she is watching all this at least let him change for her and not me. How does she feel as a little girl?”

To his fans Eric Knight denied any wrongdoing, he alleges that there are people who are soiling his image without any proof of evidence “to prove that he is involved with some women outside marriage.”