President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s presidency is reportedly hanging by a very thin thread, as plot to oust him for failing to turn around the country’s economy thickens.

Leaked inside information indicate that all is not well in the military junta run status quo, with calls getting louder for Mnangagwa to either sort out the economy or face another coup, analysts believe his only way out is engaging the country’s main opposition party.

The operation is reportedly being fronted by Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga, with the support of the military. Chiwenga who has been rumoured to be harbouring presidential aspirations, is said to have developed a cold love for Mnangagwa following reports that the former military general was poisoned.

Chiwenga who has recently been in and outside the country on medical grounds is allegedly suspecting that he was poisoned by someone high up in the power rankings.

Apparently, analysts believe the only way that Mnangagwa could turnaround the fortunes of the country and save his head from the looming chop is by engaging opposition leader Nelson Chamisa to solve the sticking points.

Zimbabwe’s slugging economy is being attributed to legitimacy issues surrounding ED’s presidency, investors’ fatigue and lack of confidence in Mnangagwa’s leadership.

Commentators say that this can only be addressed through a political dialogue between the two feuding parties, thus Chamisa and Mnangagwa.

A political scientist at a local institution of higher learning in Harare Celani Nkomo, says Mnangagwa can only save his job through talking to Chamisa. “Since the main reason why Zimbabwe’s economy is dying have more to do with corruption, human rights abuses, legitimacy issues, low investor confidence. The only way is to engage in dialogue, as this would solve the contentious issue of legitimacy and other issues, thereby unlocking the much needed foreign direct investment,”  he says.

He also adds that in as much as Chamisa would want to demonstrate to make a point to Mnangagwa, there is no need for demonstrations as it stands, because he (Mnangagwa) has other pressures from within his own party to sort out the economy or risk being removed the Mugabe way.

“Demonstrations are allowed by the law, but as things are going, Chamisa need not to worry. Mnangagwa is facing a lot of internal pressure to find solutions, and that will push him to the negotiations,” he adds.

Meanwhile, another renowned political analyst has also agreed that there is even no need for Chamisa to protest against Mnangagwa’s autocratic and corrupt regime to the negotiating table, saying the economy will bring him to the dialogue table.

Doctor Pedzisai Ruhanya says Chamisa’s MDC-Alliance should never be seduced into protests that are engineered by Mnangagwa, his ZANU PF party, and the captured state security apparatus; saying Mnangagwa would infiltrate the protests, cause chaos and use it as an excuse to attack citizens.

“The opposition MDC, do not necessarily need demonstrations against the failed ED’s regime because the vampire state apparatus want blood of the innocent.

“The economy is demonstrating,” he said.

He adds that what MDC need to do is to organise, expose ED’s failures and make him unelectable through popularising his rot for everyone to see.

Ruhanya maintains that the so-called new dispensation’s real agenda was to replace Mugabe so that they can in turn lead the looting and pillaging of state resources.

Be that as it may, while Chamisa is very much aware of Mnangagwa’s machinations of wanting to harass the citizens. He has promised that his party will pursue the option of peaceful demonstrations as enshrined in the country’s Constitution to bring ZANU-PF to the negotiating table.