Zimbabweans please pray for me. I know I can be killed through torture or even poisoning while in police cells

I can confirm that I have been called by the police Law & Order section for questioning over allegations that Defence Minister Sydney Sekeramayi and Health Minister David Parirenyatwa poisoned Vice President Mnangagwa.

While I was expecting the government of Zimbabwe to institute a commission of enquiry into the poison case, it is me who actually is now being charged under section 41 of the Criminal Law code: Publishing false information that is prejudicial to the state.

It’s hard to think how do they know the information is false if the accused persons have not been arrested and charged with the assault.
There is a prima facie case against them that needs to be investigated irrespective that they are ministers.
How can their arrest be prejudicial to the state when they are mere ministers and members of parliament?
They have no immunity and can be arrested just like any other citizen.

Why should police just target me for arrest when it skirts those facing such serious allegations of assault and attempted murder?
How many times has Jonathan Moyo undermined the authority of the president and even calling a program approved by him “ugly culture”, in addition to denigrating senior leaders?

Previously, I wrote about how Mujuru had planned to assassinate the president of the republic and no police officer ever knocked at my door.

Are these two ministers more superior than Vice Presidents to such an extent that their accusers face arrest?

Mujuru was a Vice President and my accusation against her is well documented.
As a law abiding citizen I will not run away from the police.
I will surrender myself knowing fully that our police force is under serious pressure from politicians like any other state institutions.

I have alerted the US and the United Nations Embassies of the danger that I have found myself in for simply exercising my right to freedom of expression, research and opinion.
It is a fundamental right that every Zimbabwean is entitled to.

Many people have disappeared and many have been jailed for showing dissent and for speaking out against the ills and injustices of the day.

I am already a political prisoner and I can’t run away from it.

Zimbabweans please pray for me.

I know I can be killed through torture or even poisoning while in police cells and jail.

But I can’t run away from it. energy mutodi