An elderly man Killion Sunamisai Mabasa could not believe his luck after he was given US$ 2000 cash by controversial businessman Wicknell Chivayo.

This was after Mabasa stole the show by dancing at President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa’s inauguration ceremony.

Mnangagwa controversially won the recently held disputed elections and his inauguration ceremony was snubbed by other presidents in Africa, save for only three.

Meanwhile, despite the snubbing, Mabasa trended on social media with his dances, and caught Chivayo’s eye.

The controversial businessman, pledged to honour the elderly man, posting on his X handle formerly Twitter that he was hunting for the man to reward him.

“Kune avo vari ku Conference kwedu ku Gweru pakaitawo anosangana ne Mudhara wedu uyu ndiri kuva tsvaga.

“Ndinoda kuvapa 2000 usd ndova cherera chibhorani ndo vatengera ne chigayo. If we don’t recognize and acknowledge Jive yaka dai tinenge tarashika se vana ve musangano we vanhu.”

Apparently, Chivayo has since confirmed locating the man and giving him the money as he had promised.

“Thank you for the visit MR KILLION SUNAMISAI MABASA…It was a pleasure meeting you THE FAMOUS DANCER…ZANU PF MUSANGANO WE VANHU,” tweeted Chivayo accompanied with a video of Mabasa counting the cash.

Meanwhile, Chivayo is a controversial businessperson who was accused of corruption and underhand dealing.

At one time he appeared in court over alleged corruption involving a solar project. He was however cleared by the courts.