(Uebert Angel in white jacket)

The Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe (EFZ) has condemned those named in the Aljazeera documentary documentary, ‘Gold Mafia’ but claiming to be Christians.

The call comes after Prophet Uebert Angel was implicated in the dirty gold deals.

Angel is an evangelical preacher and the founder of Spirit Embassy, a Pentecostal ministry in the United Kingdom.

He is also the Presidential Envoy and Ambassador At Large for the country of Zimbabwe to Europe and the Americas.

He is commonly referred to as Prophet Angel and also formerly known as Uebert Angel Mudzanire.

His church was founded in 2007 as “Spirit Embassy” and in October 2015 it rebranded its name to “Good News Church”, retaining “Spirit Embassy” as a term for Angel’s overall ministry.

EFZ has since implored the government to probe all those implicated in the Aljazeera documentary on rampant corruption in Zimbabwe.