ZANU PF spokedperson Christopher Mutsvangwa says the country’s efforts to bring back a strong Zimdollar are being sabotaged by the business community and opposition political parties.

Addressing a ZANU PF weekly press conference, Mutsvangwa said the country is doing everything to stabilize the financial sector.

“The issue of currency is being addressed and all efforts to bring back the local currency are being sabotaged by the financial sector which is working tirelessly to overcome the barriers mostly influenced by those in the opposition.”

He said the country has resources which can earn it enough to make the Zimbabwean dollar competitive in the market.

“All other countries with less production has their own currency so there is nothing that can stop us from making the Zimbabwe dollar a success in our economy,” he added.

He said young people are coming back home from the diaspora because they are recognizing the good that the government is achieving.

“People in the diaspora should abstain from talking and influencing demonstrations from the outside rather they should come home and witness the good that is being done. The media should speak the truth about what is happening in Zimbabwe,” he said.