Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa has, today, set up a committee that will probe the circumstances surrounding the controversial removal from office, of a High Court Judge who, in 2021, was part of a three-member committee which ruled that Chief Justice Luke Malaba- who is widely considered a proxy of the 79-year old strongman- had ceased to be the CJ after having reached the age of mandatory retirement.

Harare has also indicated that Retired Justice Maphios Cheda will chair the tribunal that is expected to bring to finality, the case of the dismissed judge Justice Edith Mushore, who was part of the three-member panel which in May 20, 2021, ruled on CJ Malaba’s extension of term case.

Last year, the experienced law expert went away without official leave (awol) amid indications that the dreaded spy agency, the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO), had launched a vicious witch-hunt on the main source of the landmark ruling against Malaba.

Mushore, who went awol for over three months after the landmark ruling, was part of a panel that also included Jester Helena Charewa and Happias Zhou.

At that time, Judicial Services Commission (JSC) secretary, Walter Chikwana confirmed about her disappearance, saying:

 “We are not sure why she is not coming. We are trying to reach her and find out what’s happening. The JP (Judge President) has asked about the issue, so did the CJ (Chief Justice). We are even trying to check with her relatives.”

Below, we publish documents of Mnangagwa’s Proclamation of the Cheda Tribunal.

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