ZANU PF’s praise singer Chief Shumba Hwenje received a brand-new Toy Hwenjeota Hilux GD6 vehicle from controversial businessman Wicknell Chivayo.

Hwenje is known for the song “ED Pfee”, which became an anthem at ZANU PF rallies ahead of the 2018 elections.

He recently released an album cover art and tracklist for an album set to be released ahead of the elections.

The album titled “Special Branch” carries 10 tracks- ED Chete, More Fire, Huchi, Saka Uchaita Sei, State House, Shumba Ngavapinde, Ndomuvhotera Chete, Chakabatwa Kuti Dzvii, Mai Wellie, and Mpela Mpela.

Chief Hwenje who is said to be President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa’s nephew started his music career in 2011 as a gospel musician releasing two albums titled “Munamato” and “Danaishe.” However, in 2014, he transitioned into Afro-traditional music and jit, which he proudly calls ‘Hwenje Music.’

On the other hand, born on 22 November 1982, Chivayo is a Zimbabwean businessman who rose to prominence after controversially winning large Zimbabwean government contracts.

In 2017 the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) and the Zimbabwean Parliament probed Chivayo’s electricity power contracts that included a USD$200 million dollar power contract for Gwanda, a small town in Zimbabwe and other power contracts that had an accumulated value in excess of USD$600 million of which none were ever delivered.

In late January 2018, general secretary of the Energy Sector Workers’ Union of Zimbabwe (ESWUZ), Gibson Mushunje, claimed that Chivayo was involved in power contracts reaching up to USD$684 million. In March 2018, Chivayo drew attention for buying shoes worth R20 000 South African rand and compared himself to Adolf Hitler for having so many shoes.

Bulawayo 24