The inaugural edition of the Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa Marathon, which is aimed at drumming up support for the current Zimbabwe leader ahead of next year’s potentially explosive harmonized elections, will be held in the Midlands town of Gokwe next month, show organisers have confirmed.

According to local businessman and Zanu PF Midlands provincial youth league executive member Madron Matiza, the ED Mnangagwa Marathon, is part and parcel of the broader #JoinZanuPF_Today campaign- an initiative aimed at mobilizing the ruling party’s projected Five Million for Mnangagwa, who was endorsed as the party’s presidential candidate in the 2023 elections.

“We are already on the ground working with the people from Gokwe and other next-door districts to ensure a resounding triumph for our President,” Matiza told reporters in Redcliff Friday afternoon.

“He (Mnangagwa) has continued to inspire many youths from the Midlands Province, and the 2022 edition of this marathon is also another way of saying thank you to our party leader and First Secretary for his determination to ensure that Zimbabwe reclaims its breadbasket status through sound economic policies that will bear fruit in the long run”, he said.

Added Matiza:

“So, entries are open for the 10km marathon and a variety of prizes are at stake. Selected athletes will have to run from Gokwe Centre to Ganye and then back to the town center. We are open to people from all political parties- including the Opposition to participate because President ED Mnangagwa is the president of all Zimbabweans regardless of political allegiance or affiliation”.

The 33-year old ambitious businessman-cum-politician said he has also embarked on the rehabilitation of medical facilities in and around Gokwe districts, including the construction and refurbishment of educational institutions as a way of endearing the Zimbabwe president with voters.

Nelson Chamisa

Mnangagwa controversially triumphed against archrival Nelson Chamisa of the opposition MDC Alliance in the disputed elections held in 2018.