There are shocking reports that the Emmerson Mnangagwa led government has jetted in witch-doctors and Sangomas from Zambia to conduct cleansing rituals for members of the fifth brigade and other government officials who were part of the Gukurahundi genocide that took place in the 1980s.

Confirming the arrival of the Spiritualists from Lusaka, NPF Spokesperson Jealousy Mawarire said:

“Reburials are very important to superstitious Gukurahundists who are afraid of reprisals from avenging spirits. Vanoona zvipoko everytime when they go to sleep (They see ghosts everytime they go to sleep) that’s why last week they jetted N’angas from Zambia. Most of their decisions are N’anga inspired hence not rational.”

This follows after the government recently announced that it will assist Gukurahundi victims to get birth certificates and death certificates for their relatives who lost their lives during that era.

The government is going to indulge in a process called exhumation a which is an act of digging something buried.

This is done to give a proper burial to those who lost their lives during Gukurahundi.