President Emmerson Mnangagwa complained to government officials that he was being chocked by the pungent paint smell coming from the renovated Mbare flats before he chickened out.

Chocked Mnangagwa left Harare’s oldest suburb without addressing officials from the government and the Harare City Council, as well as residents. Mnangagwa said:

“You must move people while renovating the flats since it is not healthy. This paint is producing a bad chocking smell and could affect people.’

“Before moving to the rehabilitation of the next section of flats please make sure you move people until such time it is safe to do so because some might be allergic to it,” Mnangagwa told officials at close range.

A police band and children brought in to entertain people continued as if nothing had happened.

Local Government Minister, July Moyo said the President will return to Mbare and address people when the renovations are complete.