Tajamuka leader and founder Promise Mkwananzi has revealed that he is currently in self-imposed exile in the United Kingdom after fleeing threats from the Zimbabwe National Army who want to kill him.

Mkwananzi revealed the information while responding to the National Patriotic Front Spokesperson who had accused him of being hired by the army and Mnangagwa’s agents to demonstrate against former President Robert Mugabe.

Said Mkwananzi, “I see a big fuss about Jealousy Mawarire’s false and unfounded allegations against Tajamuka. Our folks have been killed and persecuted by the army including Yours Truly who is presently in exile in fear of being killed by the army.”

Mkwananzi added that people must not trust Mawarire because he is a controversial figure.

“Mawarire is not new to controversy. In 2013 he filed the fateful court application that enabled ZANU to conduct an election without satisfying the reforms set out in the GPA. He played a significant part to the democratic regression that we have receded to #HatikanganwiChazuro.”