One of Zimbabwe’s leading telecommunications companies, Econet Wireless has hiked its Zimdollar data tariffs with effect from today.

The company made the announcement to its subscribers: “Dear customers

“Please take note that we are reviewing our ZWL Voice, Data and SMS Prices effective Tuesday, 24 October 2023.”

The hike, comes amid official denials of an economic crisis, despite the fact that the situation on the ground points to mounting hardships.

The largest mobile network operator has doubled its tariffs, with 50-gigabyte wi-fi now costing a whopping ZW$1 012 212, up from ZW$506 106.

And another network, Telecel, says it is also increasing its tariffs tomorrow.

Telecel issued a notice to subscribers: “To our valued subscribers please note we will be reviewing our ZWL Voice, Data and SMS prices, effective 25 October 2023.”

The cost of living in the country remains unbearably high, which has been attributed to failed leadership and unworkable policies.

Critics say even professionals who used to enjoy a decent standard of living have been reduced to beggers.