In a surprising turn of events, Zhao Jiaotong, the founder of E-Creator, a prominent e-commerce platform in Zimbabwe, has been implicated in fraudulent activities. The company has released a statement exposing Jiaotong’s involvement in illicit actions, resulting in the closure of the platform.

According to the statement, Jiaotong, a Chinese national, has been conducting unauthorized cash withdrawals from E-Creator using Ecocash agents in Harare. He would then transfer the funds to his personal Ecocash account or employ deceitful tactics to extract money from E-Creator employees. These actions have led to substantial losses amounting to over 1 million US dollars.

Recognizing Jiaotong’s intention to flee the country, E-Creator is appealing to the public for assistance in locating and apprehending him. The company advises individuals to remain vigilant at airports and along border roads. A reward has been offered to anyone who can provide information leading to the recovery of the embezzled funds.

The closure of E-Creator has left countless investors in Zimbabwe devastated, as they had placed their trust in the platform and invested their hard-earned money. Despite occasional withdrawal delays, the company had assured its users that their funds were secure. Unfortunately, this trust has been shattered, leaving investors heartbroken and in a state of despair.