A Bulawayo-based soldier Zeck Ndyara, in the company of his colleagues, recently stormed a house where his ex-wife Melissa was cohabiting with another man demanding that she moves back with him.

Ndyara and Melissa had parted ways early this year over infidelity allegations but this did not go down well with the former who threatened to kill the latter’s boyfriend if she does not get back together with him.

Melissa was now living with another man in Chivhu and was shocked to see her former husband come to storm her house demanding to have her back.

“He threatened me after discovering that I was the one living with Melissa and vowed to kill me if I would want to block the move. He was in company of his two friends in uniform and looked to be drunk.
“We were planning to officialise our relationship though we lived together. I feared for my life that is why I had to let her go back to her former husband,” said Melissa’s boyfriend who preferred anonymity.