The central business district of Kwekwe, the hometown of Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa, is now bloated with youths who are selling the interdicted crystal methamphetamine, known in street lingo as Mutoriro or Gukamakafala.

Reports from the Midlands mining town indicate that the drug-peddling youths garb Zanu PF regalia emblazoned with the images of President Mnangagwa and have since erected shacks within a commercial stand for hotelier and businessman, Solomon Matsa, where youths and other Zanu PF activists congregate to engage in Mutoriro ‘binges’.

The perimeter fence for Matsa’s commercial stand in Kwekwe CBD has since been cut off by the youths who frequent a mutoriro-peddling base which is located behind Rockodox Service Station near the commuter omnibus terminus in Kwekwe CBD.

“A one Darlington Sithole alias Gukar Daddy or Daddy Killa and his younger brother, who is known as Sky Walker are believed to be working with senior ruling party officials from the Zanu PF Kwekwe district coordinating committee (DCC) to engage in drug peddling activities and they also have the blessings of senior cops stationed at ZRP Kwekwe Central police station,” a well-placed source privy to the illicit dealings told this publication in an interview.

According to the source, police officers from Kwekwe Central have also been given strict orders by their superiors not to arrest the notorious Gukar Daddy drug peddling syndicate.

The source added:

“When you get to the place, it is rare not to find some members of the military from either 1 Air Defence in Redcliff or Battlefields and word has it that these mutoriro bases will be used by the ruling party to unleash violence on opposition members during the 2023 elections”.

It is further alleged that police officers are usually seen engaging in friendly conversations with the drug-peddlers operating at the place where they’re reportedly given some monies to buy lunch on a daily basis.

“The officers only visit the place to get some financial handouts to buy lunch and it is quite apparent that they are working on instructions not to arrest the syndicate. An in-law of a very prominent miner from the town (name supplied) is part of this deadly syndicate as his Honda Fit is used to transport the drugs from warehouses in Mbizo and Amaveni. Gukar Daddy is believed to be working for some senior Zanu PF members within the DCC and a losing ruling party councilor who resides in Mbizo is often seen milling around the drug-peddling base behind Rockodox”.

Zanu PF DCC secretary for youth affairs, David Murivha, denied ever working with the drug-peddling youths when he was contacted by this publication.

“The party does not condone peddling of drugs and it is not true that these drug peddlers have the blessings of DCC members,” he said.

President Mnangagwa is on record condemning the amplified abuse of mutoriro by the youths.

During his State of The Nation Address last year, Mnangagwa said:

“Government also notes with great concern that some sections of our youths are under siege from the scourge of drugs and substance abuse. This situation threatens the very core of our future as a country and cannot go unchecked. As such, the recently set inter-ministerial committee has been tasked with finding lasting solutions to this…..trend. Our security services are equally seized with this matter”.