In the pursuit of ending the rampant abuse of drugs which has raised eyebrows with youth being on the forefront, the League of Patriots has launched an anti-drug abuse campaign.

According to the organisation’s Secretary General, Brian Gamundani, they are currently raising awareness in all hot spot areas across the country.

“Drug abuse ends lives and we have embarked upon a campaign known as DEAL.

“We would like to warn dealers and those peddling this poison to stop forthwith or risk facing the long arm of the law.

“Communities are fed up with illicit drugs and DEAL campaign will work closely with law enforcement as we will provide information and intelligence on drug related activities gathered by our eyes and ears in the communities,” he said.

He added:

“The League of Patriots will not tolerate the menace of illicit drugs and drug dealers in our communities.

“We would like to do community awareness and tip offs to responsible authorities in connection with drug abuse related cases, mostly bronco, mutoriro and weed among other drugs.

“We are focusing on Mbare, Mabvuku, Chitungwiza and spreading to other suburbs which we know are hot spots.

“As soon as we get a response from the police we will descend on the campaign any time soon because we formally wrote a letter to them.”

state media/Zwnews