Drinking an illicit home-made brew Kachasu on empty stomachs recently killed two people in Bindura and Glendale.

Mashonaland Central police spokesperson Inspector Milton Mundembe confirmed the incidents.

“I can confirm two cases of sudden death one in Bindura and the other in Glendale. Investigations proved that they died of too much alcohol and the most unfortunate part is they consumed too much of illicit beer kachasu on empty stomachs,” Mundembe said.

Jackson Gondorori (32) of Musana in Bindura died at Joking Eight Mine in Shamva where he was illegally panning for gold.

It is alleged the artisanal miner went for days without eating food, but taking kachasu. On Saturday night Gondorori asked for mealie-meal from a colleague Daniel Nyandoro (30) who instead gave him a cup of water.

Sydney Nyahomwe (28) of Bamhinia farm, Glendale was found dead on a footpath three days after he left home for a beer binge in the next village…..newsday