There was drama at Gutu Magistrates’ Court recently when a married man was found by his wife just about to exchange wedding vows with his secret lover.

Acting on a tip off that her husband, Dzingai Chagwiza, was going to be at the court to wed a divorcee identified as Precious Dube, Queen Vondo rushed and hid herself near the court waiting for the couple to get inside to take their vows.

When the couple were about to take the wedding vows, Vondo  showed up in court and threw her marriage certificate and her four children’s birth certificates at the magistrate, Victor Mahamadi.

The magistrate stopped the wedding and took Chagwiza, Vondo and Dube to a separate room for confirmation of what had been produced in court.

It emerged at the court that Chagwiza had abandoned his wife and four children for about six years and was now staying with Dube in Old Location.

Chagwiza claimed he had divorced Vondo a long time back and had given her a beast as her divorce token (gupuro).

“I gave her a divorce token so that she could freely go back to her parents’ home. I do not see any reason why she came here to stop the wedding,” said Chagwiza.

However the magistrate cancelled the wedding and ordered Chagwiza to follow the right divorce procedures of cancelling his first marriage before he could register another one. tell zim