By Kelvin Kasiwulaya| A Gweru woman has proven beyond any shadow of doubt that she is the dumbest criminal of all times after she falsified the age of her pregnant daughter in a bid to get child support from her former husband.

Ziphelani Mathonsi (39) of Mkoba high density suburb appeared before Magistrate Magomore as an aggrieved part claiming child support worth $80 from Vusa Dube her ex-husband but this did not come into fruition as the former had altered the age of her daughter.

Gweru civil court was brought to a standstill when Magistrate Magomore requested to see the child whom Mathonsi was claiming maintenance for, alas the child was pregnant, and this prompted the Magistrate to demand the birth certificate of the child.

Upon requisition of the birth certificate Mathonsi produced a pen altered birth certificate claiming that her first born daughter Nqobani Dube was born in 2001. The Magistrate heavily quizzed Mathonsi about the alterations on the birth certificate.

After being asked several questions Mathonsi confessed that her daughter was born in 1999 and Magistrate Magomore admonished women to desist from such criminal activity of trying to fake documents in order to get child support.

Mathonsi’s claim was dismissed; According to the country’s maintenance law, parents can not demand maintenance for a child who is over 18