Drama as Grace Mugabe’s guards wrestle court messengers, threaten to kill them over diamond ring

grace mugabe diamond deal

Controversial Zimbabwe First Lady, Grace Mugabe, has declared war on Harare High Court messengers and will shoot on site anyone who tries to evict her from three Harare properties.

Reporters were informed yesterday that guards  attached to Grace’s looted Borrowdale houses grabbed and threatened to shoot the Sheriff of the High Court, Macauff Madega, when he delivered an eviction order to her  house in Borrowdale suburb.

Grace Mugabe is involved in a vicious court battle with  Lebanese businessman Jamal Ahmed who lost three properties to the president’s wife in a diamond ring deal gone bad.

Today there are fresh reports suggesting that Grace has also taken two more properties   belonging to the dealer.

Grace wants a refund of US $1,3 million for the diamond ring. She wants the refund to be done in hard currencies through her Dubai bank.

However the dealer is willing do do so using local bond notes through a Zimbabwe bank a move that has been rejected by the fiery First Lady.

The confrontation between court messengers and Grace’s guards happened on December 22 a day after High Court judge Justice Clement Phiri  issued a 24 hour  order on  21 December for Grace to leave the premises

grace mugabe diamond deal
Grace’s guards threaten to spill blood over diamond ring

“Upon his arrival at the gate, armed soldiers stopped him as he tried to gain access into the premises to serve the notice.

“The armed soldiers said the premises were a security area and the sheriff was not allowed to be anywhere near. The soldiers refused to identify themselves and even refused to take the High Court order.

When the sheriff tried to affix the High Court order on the wall so that the second respondent (Grace) could have access to it upon her arrival, the soldiers wrestled the messenger, grabbed him and dragged him away from the gate to the tarred road with another soldier threatening that he was going to shoot the sheriff if he persisted,” an eye witness said.

According to reports this week, Ahmed’s lawyer, Beatrice Mtetwa said they had approached the Deputy Sheriff of the High Court.

The dealer has since been threatened not to return to Zimbabwe as he risks facing unspecified consequences.