A MAN from Hwange District stunned hospital officials at St Patrick’s Hospital when he stormed the institution and attempted to kidnap his ill wife who was admitted, arguing that he wanted to take her home for sex as he could no longer afford to live without  it.

Hospital authorities and security had a torrid time trying to negotiate with Tinos Muzamba (23) of Bhangali Village who was trying to forcemarch his wife, Ms Memory Mathe out of the female ward. He was allegedly arguing that she had overstayed in the hospital and hence should immediately discharge herself so that she could come back home to sleep with him.

So agitated was Muzamba that even after he was subdued by the staff and arrested by police, he continued issuing threats to the wife arguing that she should not listen to doctors who were detaining her in the hospital but should immediately return home.

This was heard when Muzamba appeared before Hwange provincial magistrate Mr Gift Ntando Dube last week for contravening the Domestic Violence Act (physical abuse) for threatening his wife with death. Muzamba who is also facing 17 counts of unlawful entry and theft pleaded guilty to the physical abuse charge before telling the court that he was sex starved. 

He was remanded in custody to Tuesday for judgement while his trial for theft which he denied is set to be heard on Thursday.

According to the State led by Mr Trymore Chitumbu on 25 January Muzamba went to St Patrick’s Hospital where Ms Mathe was admitted and told the her to leave the hospital without being discharged by the doctor. She refused telling him that she had not fully recovered and that angered Muzamba who threatened to kill her once she set foot in his home. Muzamba had to be refrained from further victimising Ms Mathe by the hospital security after ignoring pleas from nurses to leave the premises. 

After the incident, on an unknown date but during the same month Muzamba proceeded to Mr Soperia Ndlovu’s homestead where he allegedly unlawfully gained entry through a hole in the roof before stealing various goods that included electrical gadgets and groceries. He was subsequently arrested. He was subsequently arrested following investigations which revealed that Muzamba had committed more house break-ins and theft.