Tension flared at Chipinge Magistrates’ Court last Thursday when an enraged man, Promise Baiwa (42), barged into the office of Resident Magistrate Mr. Franklyn Mkwananzi, threatening physical violence in connection with his late father’s unresolved case.

Police promptly intervened and apprehended Promise Baiwa, who had armed himself with a metal spring.

The incident unfolded on the previous Wednesday when Baiwa visited the Clerk of Court’s Office at Chipinge Magistrates’ Court. He had sought access to records pertaining to his late father’s lawsuit against ZBS Housing Scheme for unpaid work. This case was still awaiting resolution in the High Court.

Feeling dissatisfied with the assistance he received from the Clerk of Court, Baiwa returned to the court the following day, demanding to speak with Mr. Mkwananzi.

Reportedly, Baiwa was informed that Mr. Mkwananzi was engaged in a meeting, which further fueled his anger.

Subsequently, Baiwa appeared before the same magistrate, facing charges of disorderly conduct in a public place. He was not required to enter a plea and was remanded in custody until October 22.

In addition to this, Baiwa has been ordered to undergo a mental evaluation to determine his mental state.

According to the Public Prosecutor, Mr. Edmore Mahlanganise, on October 12, Baiwa visited the Clerk of Court’s Office at Chipinge the previous day to inquire about his late father’s case records. His attempt to follow up on the issue revealed that the case remained pending at the High Court after being registered through the Integrated Electronic Case Management System (IECMS).

Upon returning to the court, Baiwa was informed that Mr. Mkwananzi was unavailable due to a meeting. This news did not sit well with him, prompting his confrontation with the resident magistrate.

In an intense encounter, Baiwa stormed into Mr. Mkwananzi’s office brandishing a metal spring, vociferously expressing his frustration and demanding the court papers he had sought.

He went as far as ordering two other magistrates present in the office to leave, insisting on a one-on-one confrontation with Mr. Mkwananzi. However, these magistrates declined to comply with his request.

Swiftly responding to the disturbance, police officers on-site intervened, apprehending Baiwa and preventing further escalation of the situation.