Police in Masvingo have urged employers to carry out background thorough checks on prospective employees before engaging them, reported The Mirror.

In a statement issued by Acting Masvingo Provincial Community Relations Liaison Officer, Detective Assistant Inspector Rachael Muteweri, police said knowing prospective employees’ past history helps in recruiting people with good character and deeds.

The call comes after a 19-year-old Masvingo housemaid was arrested after she connived with her brother-in-law to stage-manage a robbery in order to steal US$200 and R500 from her employer.

The housemaid, Takudzwa Mutero cut her face, neck, thighs, and stomach to convince her employer that she had been robbed and indecently assaulted.

Police said Mutero planned the “robbery” with her brother-in-law, Connellias Mupfumi, aged 46.

Muteweri, confirmed the arrest.

She said: “Police detectives arrested a housemaid on December 3, 2022, following connivance with her brother-in-law, to steal from her employer.”

Details of the matter are that on December 1, 2022, the accused person, who was employed as a maid, was left home alone whilst her employer proceeded to work.

She then proceeded to her employer’s bedroom where she stole cash amounting to US$200 and R500 before stage-managing a robbery case by breaking some water glasses and ransacking the whole house.

Upon return from work, the employer was shocked to discover her maid lying helplessly on the floor with cuts on the cheek, stomach and neck.

She inquired what had transpired and only to be told that the accused person had been robbed, stabbed by a knife and indecently assaulted by a lone robber.

She quickly reported the matter to the police who attended the scene and referred the accused person for medical examination.

However, investigations conducted by the police indicated that the woman had staged the robbery incident. Added Det Ass Insp Muteweri:

Further investigations unearthed that the accused person had inflicted lacerations on her body in her quest to further their criminal enterprise and managed to convince her employer that she had been robbed.

She had already handed over the loot to her sister’s husband.

The accused person led detectives to her rural home in Gutu where her co-accused was arrested and the stolen money was subsequently recovered.

Upon arrest, Connellias was also found in possession of dagga.

The suspects appeared before Masvingo Magistrate, Concepta Ngwerume, where they were convicted and sentenced to twelve months imprisonment each for the theft charges.

Connellias was further fined a $20 000 fine for unlawful possession of dangerous drugs.