Former Minister of Foreign Affairs Walter Mzembi has it is silly for Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) parliamentarians to protest to the Speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda when they are recalled as he has no power to change anything.

He says Mudenda is part of the system, and as such he does not act on his own.

“It is pointless for CCC to mob the Speaker after he has announced recalls, he doesn’t act unilaterally he is part of the system and has no power to revise anything,” he says.

Mzembi adds that when he and his colleagues were fired from the ruling party, they just left quietly.

“When we were recalled by ZANU PF, we just quietly left. We understood it was politics, to this day & it needed a political response.

“Legal responses are ok as interim positions but ultimately, its politics, stupid!,” He adds.

Apparently, 13 CCC members of parliament were recalled recently, however, the High Court put a stop to the recalls.

This was after self styled party Secretary General Sengezo Tshabangu initiated the recalls. CCC disowned him but Mudenda went on to announce the recalls.

The country’s main opposition party took the matter to the courts, resulting into an interdict against Tshabangu.