Most Indians prefer getting a two-wheeler for their personal vehicle, due to its ease of travel, cost, and suitability to use on different kinds of roads in India. But there might be instances where someone opts to get a second-hand two-wheeler instead of buying a new two-wheeler. The reason for this may vary from affordability to being eco-friendly. Whatever the case maybe it is important to know how two-wheeler insurance affects such instances and if there are any changes that you should know about.

With the advent of the internet and the rapid shift to digital services, you can now buy two-wheeler insurance online. But is it any different when a second-hand two-wheeler comes into the picture? Read on to know more!

The answer to the question of second-hand two-wheeler insurance having the same benefits as that of new two-wheeler insurance is yes. Used two-wheeler insurance has the same benefits as that of new two-wheeler insurance.

How to get an insurance policy for your second-hand two-wheeler?

The process of insuring your second-hand or used two-wheeler is simple and easy. You can get a two-wheeler insurance policy either online or offline, but getting it online is far easier and more comfortable when compared to getting it offline. These are the steps to buy two-wheeler insurance for your what we now call pre-loved or previously-owned two-wheeler-

1. Log on to the insurance company’s website and submit your details
2. Upload the documents such as registration certificate, owner details, ID proof, etc., and get an insurance quote.
3. If you are happy with such a quote, you can go ahead and start the process. The insurance company will then send a surveyor to check your vehicle or you can undertake a self-inspection.
4. Once this is done, you can pay the premium and activate your two-wheeler insurance.

Benefits of two-wheeler insurance for your second-hand bike

1. Protection from various damages-

Getting a two-wheeler insurance policy for your second-hand bike offers you the same protection as that of new bike insurance. With a valid insurance policy, you are protected from damages to the third-party or overall damages based on the type of insurance you have chosen. You can file a claim if the damages are caused due to an accident, natural calamities or other reasons such as theft or strike.

2. Ease of claim filing process-

If your vehicle experiences some kind of damage due to an unfortunate incident, you can file a claim for the cost of repairing the damage. You can even go to your insurance company’s network garages where you will be eligible to get cashless claim facilities. This makes the entire process of filing a claim and getting your two-wheeler repaired so much easier.

3. Personal accident cover-

Most of the two-wheeler insurance includes a personal accident cover which protects the insured person against any injuries caused. This cover is extremely helpful as it provides the financial support you need in times of an emergency.

So, the benefits you get from two-wheeler insurance for your second-hand two-wheeler are the same as that of insurance for a new bike. The most important thing is that you get valid insurance for yourself and ensure you drive your two-wheeler safely! To know more about two-wheeler insurance, click here!