LATEST DNA results have confirmed the death of St Mathias Tsonzo High School student, Livingstone Sunhwa, ten months after his mysterious disappearance.

Livingstone disappeared from his school under unclear circumstances on the 6th of December last year.

The hope of seeing her child again is now shattered and Selina Tadya can only hope that the latest DNA results will open a comprehensive investigation into the mysterious death.

“The DNA results have confirmed that it is Livingstone, but we are not yet sure the cause of death because as they say the bones were much exposed to rain and hot temperatures. I cannot bring him back, but I want to see those behind this act of evil being punished for what they did to my son,” said Livingstone’s mother.

The results may be the first to confirm the suspicions that have prevailed over the boy’s death, pointing to what relatives say is a cover-up by school authorities.

Exclusive interviews carried out by the ZBC News crew before the results reveal a sad pattern of events where relatives confirmed the brutal torture of the young boy by school authorities on the fateful day.

In July this year, startling revelations were made by some community members who first discovered traces of human hair in their drinking water source.

According to the community, it was only then that they first heard of the missing boy almost eight months on.

The St Mathias Tsonzo and Anglican Church officials have been mum on the boy’s disappearance, with revelations they have not reached out to console the family.

Relatives are now pushing for a thorough investigation interrogating the role of the now suspended school head and the law enforcers accused of punishing the deceased.