Some war veterans have expressed dismay over the Christopher Mutsvangwa led Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) and are calling for its disbandment.

Mutsvangwa who was instrumental in the coup that toppled the late former ‘iron ruler,’ Robert Mugabe, is being blamed by some members for enjoying the honey jar alone.

According to the disgruntled members, the Mustvangwa led association is lacking proper leadership and has neglected its mandate regarding the welfare of war veterans.

Speaking to journalists in the capital on Wednesday, ZNLWVA founding member Ethan Mathibela accused the association’s current leadership for eating alone neglecting other members who are now wallowing in poverty.

“Veterans are seriously in desperate need of a better life as their life continue to take a toll for the worst.

“Contrary to a popular belief that after independence we would come home to ‘honey and milk’. 95% of veterans of the liberation struggle continue to wallow in abject poverty forty years post-independence,” he said.

He added that they can no longer support the system that continues to pay a blind eye to their concerns.

“We need to change the paradigm and get out of our comfort zone. We have put much of our faith and trust in the system that continue to sideline our basic aspirations.

“By the look of it, it points out to the reality that, indeed we are on our own. The sooner we wake up and smell our coffee the better for our bright future and that of our future generation.” said Mathibela.

They demanded reforms after the dissolution of the current leadership.

“We demand for the association electoral reforms as follows, upon dissolution of the leadership, there be a mechanism in place to start a process of conducting a congress which will in turn accord the election of a new leadership.

“Contenders should be able to articulate their vision capabilities and abilities to the content of veterans. We no longer want to put leadership that will fail to deliver lifesaving solutions for the veterans.” said Mathibela.