A rumour has been circulating today(Friday April 13) suggesting that Robert Mugabe’s son in law Simba Chikore was raided by the Zimbabwe Anti Corruption(ZAAC) unit and a huge stash of cash amounting to US$89 000 000 was found at his house.

A Mugabe family representative told this publication that the rumour is not true. Chikore was never visited by ZACC or CID police.

“These are pure lies, Simba does not have that kind of money,” a family friend said.

There is a grainy video circulating online showing  people believed to be law enforcement officers emptying huge bags of money.

The video is accompanied by the message below:

Zimbabwe authorities raided Simba Chikore, son in law to Robert Mugabe and discovered US$89 million. He will be charged with money laundering and corruption.