Has the married controversial ZANU PF Prophet, Passion Java impregnated another woman, as viral video footage suggests?

The man was still to respond to the development, after a woman revealed pictures and an X-ray proving that he truly gave it a baby.

Last year, Panganai Java was exposed after hiring a sex worker in Cape Town. This time a woman has come up to allege that she was bedded and given a baby by the preacher.

But analysts said that the preacher is just playing theatrics so that he can get more social follower numbers. ” Even though he is not notorious for these things, this particular footage is just stunt video,” said Gester Moyo, a social worker in the capital city, Harare.

Meanwhile, prophet Passion Java’s wife Lily Java was forced to delete a Facebook post barely an hour after making it on Friday. This was after Zimbabweans swarmed her comments reminding her of her husband’s alleged infidelity.

The eccentric clergyman has been trending in Zimbabwe after his alleged side chick, Leshaan De Gama, stunningly revealed that she is pregnant and carrying the child of the “man of God.”

Writing on Facebook, Lily seemed oblivious of the furore caused by Leshaan and made no mention of the allegations made by her husband’s alleged lover. She wrote,

Be stronger than your excuses! You manifest what you focus on. God is raising up people that are not moved by what they see but by what He says! Which one will you be?

She later deleted the post.