Dethroned Zimbabwean Chief Nhlanhla Felix Ndiweni has implored traditional leaders not to be used by ZANU PF as the country heads for polls.

For years, Zimbabwean chiefs have allegedly been used by the ruling party to force villagers to vote for ZANU PF.

“To the over 300 Chiefs of Zimbabwe. The time has come to make a Change for the better. In your homes you cannot survive. You cannot even buy a new tyre for these expensive cars let alone service them. Only a “NEW. CIVILIAN” gov can aid you properly. Support The Opposition.

“To the over 36 000 Village Heads in the country. You earn less than USD 1 per month! The time has come. You should be on a sliding scale beginning at USD 410 per month. We encourage you and your people to support the Opposition, LETS CHANGE GEAR.”

President Mnangagwa has dismissed Felix Nhlanhlayamangwe Ndiweni from his position as Chief Ndiweni in 2019 following recommendations by the Matabeleland North Chiefs’ Provincial Assembly.

Ndiweni was ordered to surrender all State property in his possession, including a Government vehicle.

Ndiweni is well known criticizing the Zimbabwean government for political abuses, land-use abuses and is a supporter of human rights in Zimbabwe.

He is known for calling on the Zimbabwean government to recognize the Gukurahundi genocide. In particular, he has also asked for the return of cattle seized from his father, the late Paramount Chief Khayisa Ndiweni and other ZAPU opposition supporters, during the Gukuranhundi in Matabeleland.

He has also asked for Ntabazinduna Police Training Depot which was used by the 5th Brigade Military Unit during that time to be restored as a school.

He was arrested in 2019 by the Zimbabwean government, granted bail, and currently has a warrant issued by the Zimbabwean government for his arrest because he is regarded as a “security threat” in Zimbabwe.