Stunner Desmond Chideme has parted ways with his combative wife Olinda Chapel after being married to her for less than a year.

This comes hours after Olinda dumped Stunner then reconciled with him moments later. It is not clear how the couple who were happy and ready for new beginnings a day ago suddenly found themselves at each other’s throat again with the wife Olinda throwing Stunner’s clothes outside and threatening to burn everything while Stunner is seen in the video asking” Who can live with a suicidal woman like this”.

Below is some few choice farewell words from angry London based businesswoman Olinda Chapel Chideme

Lets burn everything  every single thing. Don’t touch me. He is physically touching me.

Waakutya kuenda on video but you have been sending voice mails.

He has no respect. How can you tell me I have had enough, you are suicidal. Who can be with someone like that. I am like this because of you. I am like this because of this.

Handisi Mai Chideme everything is mine. I was protecting him. I cant deal with this.

Stunner got me to a point where i am suicidal.

You got me to this point.

Pokello has been texting here to ask about your life.

Wherever you see him you should beat the $*** out of him.

But even if it means we are going separate ways, we need to go amicably. He must apologise

Kurohwa kunenge nani mashoko anobuda mumuromo memunhu haadzorerwe.

I been good to you, i been with you. Varume batai vakadzi venyu zvakanaka mudzimba umu.

Beta ubude mumba uende kwete kuhura nguva ino ye AIDS. There are so many women including Pokello and first wife, they could not stand him.

Stunner is now dating Dion who is going to move in with him.