How are Zimbabweans proud of their Education system when it produces poor people who never march against the poverty they are drowning in, but for the same reasons they are poor. An Education system which produces poor people who march in support of a very few disgustingly rich people who “eat” without them. When these poor people starve, can’t pay rent and cannot get jobs they never think of marching and the few filthy rich never think of them. But when the few ungodly rich face a few problems, the poor rise to march and assure the rich that they are there for them in their time of problems.

I don’t get it. I really don’t get it. Is it ignorance? Is it stupidity? Are they educated zombies? Are they under some kind of spell? What is it?

They are very happy to see a few ungodly men living a life of endless plenty and are at the same time very happy and satisfied with their lives of very little to nothing.

No Zimbabwe, you cannot be proud of an education system that produces mental and material poverty. How can we be educated when we are mentally poor?

South Africa hosts millions of Zimbabweans with our children freely learning and getting educated there. Then we thank them by beating up the very same South Africans who have taken us in, in our time of trouble. Then we gather in our thousands to celebrate beating up our hosts who opened up their home to us! You go next door to South Africa and freely live there for 10 years, but when your South African neighbor asks to visit you just for a few days to entertain you, you shake your head and close the door on them!

Zimbabweans, who bewitched you that you have lost all your senses? You cannot return a good deed with another. And if South Africa should decide enough of you in your millions and says go back home? How many South Africans live in Zimbabwe and how many Zimbabweans live in South Africa? Who needs who?

Munonyadzisa. There is madness in Zimbabwe because you are mad. This is how you repay South Africa after all they have done for you? Movarova, mova rambidza kuuya ikoko asi venyu vana vari KuSouth Africa ikoko.
Pedzezvo you insult the most loved man in South Africa, the father of South Africa, Nelson Mandela.

You deserve hell.

stanley goreraza