By Timothy Ndoro on Apr 6, 2019

Dendera music sensation Sulumani Chembetu has been accused of assaulting a journalist and threatening him with death. The incident is alleged to have occured at the National Clean-up campaign in Glen Norah on Friday. The journalist Keith Guvamombe has since filed a police report at the Harare Central Police Station. Chimbetu who is the brand ambassador for the Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services (ZPCS) is alleged to have perpetrated the assault while wearing the uniform of the organisation.

According to the Journalism Students Network Of Zimbabwe (JsNetZim) Guvamombe said,

I have been assaulted by @suluchimbetu in Glenora after a cleanup campaign at Spacemen shops. After I asked a question which he didn’t like to entertain he took away my phone from me, in that moment Sulu crew surrounded me.

Sulu was in Prisons regalia with the other guy, they started to punch me on my ribs threatening to kill me. In that instant, he tried to destroy my phone, as he forced me to delete the video interview which I had recorded. I have reported the matter at Hre Central Police Station