Former Miss Zimbabwe model and General Chiwenga’s estranged wife, Marry, has sensationally claimed that her husband’s maid Delight Munyoro has poisoned her younger children she looks after,  training them to shun their older siblings from Marry’s marriage to a  Harare businessman and former Zimbabwe warriors sharp shooter Shingi Kawondera.

This was revealed on Saturday in court papers when a Harare court sent Marry to prison after Chiwenga’s maid reported an assault. The same court was also told that Chiwenga is “now discarding Marry because he has a new modern woman in his life”.

Said Marry in her court papers:

“At the end of the day on January 27, 2020, the appellant (Mubaiwa) received reports from her older children that the younger children had shunned them. When she asked about their behaviour, they advised that Delight Munyoro, the woman who looks after them, had strongly warned them not to speak to their older siblings.

On January 28, 2020, when she went to collect the older children from school, she saw the complainant (Munyoro) sitting in a vehicle with the usual security details from the army and Central Intelligence Organisation.

She asked the complainant why she had instructed the younger children not to speak to their siblings and the complainant responded that applicant should be thankful and grateful that she was caring for the children as their father obviously cannot look after them. There was no physical contact as complainant had armed personnel and was also sitting in the car.”