Daring car thief undone by Mercedes Benz fuel tank

A daring thief stole a Mercedes Benz at a fuel service station after telling the owner that he would refuel the car at a reserve tank.

After getting behind the wheel, the thief disappeared with the car, only abandoning it four hours later after failing to open the fuel tank at another service station.

ZRP said in a statement:

ZRP Glenview has recovered a Mercedes Benz that had been stolen in Rhodesville, Harare. The complainant went to a service station to refuel his car where he was advised that there was no fuel.

The accused pretended to be an attendant and assured him that he could find some fuel from the reserve tank. Accused was allowed to drive the car and he disappeared.

The accused abandoned the car at a service station in Glenview after he failed to explain why he was failing to open the fuel tank while he was trying to refuel the car 4 hours later. We urge the public not to give their cars to strangers.