An estimate of 300 Zimbabweans who were killed by the ravaging winds and waters of Cyclone Idai are now floating in Mozambican rivers.

The bodies were spotted floating by villagers in neighboring Mozambique.

Local Government Minister July Moyo confirmed the sad development at a post-cabinet media briefing in Harare on Tuesday.

“The distress calls started coming from Kopa, in Rusitu where two rivers which converge there burst and we understand there are bodies which are floating.

“Some have floated all the way into Mozambique and some of the peasants in Mozambique were calling some of our people saying that ‘we see bodies, we believe those bodies are coming from Zimbabwe’.

“The total number we were told there could be a hundred, some going as far as saying there could be 300 but we cannot confirm this situation; our army is going on foot to Rusitu in order to go and assess the situation on the ground,” said Moyo.

However, some 98 deaths have so far been confirmed while some 172 people are unaccounted for.
The number is expected to rise, according to the minister.

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