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The Cybersecurity and Data Protection Bill has been sent back to the Committee Stage in the Senate due mistakes that have been picked up.

Last week the Bill successfully passed the same Stage with no objections being raised by the Senators.

However, the Deputy President of the Senate confirmed that the Bill had been sent back for corrections.

‘’I wish to inform the Senate that there is an error on the Cyber and Data Protection Bill [H. B. 18A, 2019] and that the Bill will be re-committed in terms of Standing Order Number 158,’’ he said.

Meanwhile, the cyber security bill has been received by some sections of the society with a pinch of salt.

Many critics say the Bill would be prone to abuse by the government if it becomes law.

If signed into law, it will provide for the investigation and collection of evidence for cybercrime and data breaches, resulting in the admissibility of electronic evidence in court.

Meanwhile, the transparency International and Transparency International Zimbabwe (TI Z) are deeply concerned by attempts by the government of Zimbabwe to fast-track the Cyber security and Data Protection Bill.

TIZ says Bill contains provisions that will obstruct the crucial role of civil society and the media in the fight against corruption and undermine any recent progress.