Norton independent Member of Parliament Temba Mliswa says the current power holders in ZANU-PF have kicked out people with the real DNA of the party.

Mliswa says it’s clear that the party has lost itself and in its current state it is a rogue entity which is going against the principles of the liberation struggle.

“It has been hijacked by a lot of mafikizolos who have no DNA of the party,” he says.

Mliswa implored the current crop politicians to have a soft spot and to feel for each other as humans.

“We are just too polarised as a people. Mugabe worked with Tsvangirai even after years of attrition & we had the best economy through that.

“Was he stupid? No. Some of these standards of patriotism are fake.

“National interests should bind us together more than party affiliations. As politicians we should constantly dialogue,” he adds.