Redcliff residents have bemoaned the amplified presence of security forces in their community as security forces  enforcing observation of Covid19 lockdown regulations have now bloated the dormitory town’s neighborhoods of Rutendo, Torwood and Redcliff.

Speaking to Zwnews in separate interviews this week, most residents said they are now living in fear of their lives as military trucks have now become a familiar feature in their community.

“This (predominance of security forces) actually started after the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) announced that it was now enhancing its enforcement of Covid19 compliance amongst the residents,” said Kelvin Mpukuta a resident from Rutendo suburb.

“However, it is quite puzzling that you come across the military trucks full of members of the police and soldiers who are either putting on half masks and others will be having no masks at all as if they are not also exposed to the Covid19 pandemic,” he said.

“At times, you are asked why you are moving around the neighborhood without an exemption letter even when you’re going to buy bread at the shops. This is embarrassing and instead of just ensuring that we are observing the lockdown regulations, we are sometimes searched in the most degrading ways,” Paul Makaya another resident said.

The former steel-producing suburbs are located proxy to 1 Air Defense, otherwise known as Pondoroza.


ZRP national spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi recently read the riot act on lockdown violators while hinting that those who disregard the ‘six-to-six’ curfew imposed by the government will be dealt with accordingly.

The police also said it will not allow anyone through checkout points and roadblocks after 6 pm, except those working in essential services.

Assistant Commissioner Nyathi also said all those who knock off from their work at 15:00 hrs should go home at once.