Zimbabwe is making strides in vaccinating her citizens as the country has to date jabbed nearly six million people.

Vaccination in the country remains voluntary officially, but the government and some big corporates have been forcing their employees to get vaccinated or risk losing jobs.

It is believed that the forcing of civil servants and other workers to get vaccinated has made an impact in raising the figure of those vaccinated to date.

Meanwhile, as at 19 October 2021, Zimbabwe has 132 405 confirmed cases.

These include 126 487 recoveries, 1 259 active cases, 37 new Cases and 4 659 deaths.

The country recorded 179 new recoveries and 1 death in the last 24hrs.

People vaccinated so far 1st dose 3 228 506 and 2nd dose 2 486 318.

The country is planning to vaccinate at least 10 million from the estimated population of 15 million.