Hopewell tells journalists that Zimbabwe Prisons & Correctional Service defied Magistrate Ncube’s court order by transporting him from prison to court together with 22 other prisoners instead of being ferried alone as ordered by court last Saturday.

Chin’ono says prison officers are putting lives of other prisoners at risk as he is a recent contact of people who tested positive to #COVID-19.

Proceedings in Hon. Sikhala’s case have now commenced with his lawyer Jeremiah Bamu demanding to be furnished with the Facebook post alleged to have been posted by Hon. Sikhala so that he can be well informed so as to challenge state application to place him on remand.

Court takes a brief adjournment to allow @bamujm to take instructions from his client after being handed over a downloaded copy of the Facebook post.

In the case of Hopewell, proceedings commenced with lawyers continuing with challenging State bid to place him on remand. Lawyers argue that section 31 of Criminal Code was declared to be in violation of the Constitution hence Hopewell is being charged under a non existent law.

In response to submissions by Hopewell’s lawyers, prosecutors argue that the law still applies & is supported by current Constitution.

Hopewell’s lawyers tells Magistrate Lazini Ncube that ZPCS is defying court order to be put separately from other inmates.

Garikai Mudukuti from ZPCS tells Magistrate Ncube that the OIC at Chikurubi Maximum Prison has requested for a written court order so as to adhere to court instructions.

Magistrate Ncube says a written court order will be availed & orders ZPCS not to shackle Hopewell with leg irons.